Dr. Saeger is a ten out of ten. We both have known Dr. Saeger from 1986 in Bremerton WA. If you are his patient you are in excellent hands and we are jealous we do not reside near his office. *

Darlene & Michael K.

Both, Mark Stock (Pain Specialists of Minnesota) and Dr. Saeger, have been working with my spine surgeons for over a decade. I know people struggle to find adequate relief through treatments for pain, especially nowadays, but both Mark and Dr. Saeger have always come through to help. Having been through multiple surgeries and getting expert opinions, their clinic should be the first stop for anyone looking for compassionate care and results. Staff is always extremely supportive and understanding too. Thank you all!

Burnt Toast

Mark is very kind and understanding. I’m glad I came to this clinic. I felt like I really related to Mark and the staff was very friendly. Thank you for your kindness. It is nice to be listened to when you’ve gone through a lot of pain and stress.!

Jennifer Richter

Excellent care in my experience here. The doctor was extremely patient with my questions and very knowledgeable and passionate about his field.

Alex Berg

Dr Saeger has been doing my injections for over 15 years and has always been amazing. He is so thorough and hill has such a positive attitude. He’s so personable and his team makes you feel like family. I couldn’t give anyone a better recommendation. My husband also see’s him and wouldn’t go anywhere else

Roxanne Birrenbach

I have been to see dr Saeger quite a few times in the last four years and it’s always a helpful experience, especially after suffering for 6 to 10 years of degenerating disc issues without answers from my primary physicians and another spine doctor affiliated with my local clinic. I consulted with a spine surgeon, Dr. Sinicropi, and he thought I might need surgery but he wanted to try some less invasive things first to be sure. And that was when he referred me to Dr. Saeger for some epidural steroid injections. Dr. Saeger explains things very clearly and has a different (more thorough) approach than some of the other places I have tried. He listens and clearly cares about what you’re going through. His staff all seem wonderful, caring, and happy to work there, which says a lot. I did also have to have surgery but some of the procedures Dr. Saeger carried out were helpful in diagnosing the need for surgery. The first time I was there and had the epidural injection, I got into the car afterwards and cried because I Felt like I finally had an answer. Between himself and Dr. Sinicropi At Midwest spine they pinpointed exactly where the worst pain was coming from, from the same imaging that befuddled my other doctors.

Paula Coyle (terriergal)

I have been a patient of Dr Saegers for many years now. I could not think of how life would be with out his help with my back pain. I owe you doc!


Personal amable y atento. Los médicos son comprensivos y comprensivos.
Lisa Betancourt

Dr. Saeger has helped me so much in the last few years. I am a young woman who was turned away from many surgeons before meeting Dr. Saeger. He took the time to look and listen to what I was dealing with and took care of the issue as soon as he could. I have been dealing with my issues for over 12 years so of course we are still working on taking care of things being there are years of damages. He has been so quick to help and take care of me. I love that he tells you everything, he has amazing bed side manner and really takes the time to listen to your concerns. His confidence is great and makes me feel great right before a surgery or procedure. Dr. Saeger is a 100/10 in my book. Thank you Dr. Saeger for helping me always and continue to help me in the future. You are by far the best Surgeon I have ever had!*

Cassandra H.

After 40 years of living with chronic lower-back stiffness from facet joint arthritis, I became introduced to Dr. Louis Saeger from Premier Spine and Interventional Pain in Edina, Minnesota.

He informed me of a relatively new laparoscopic procedure in which he permanently severs and removes the medial branch nerves on both sides of the L3, L4 and L5-S1 vertebrae—thus blocking arthritic pain from being transmitted to the brain.

This differs from a traditional radio frequency ablation (RFA) procedure in which the nerves are burned. That procedure needs to be repeated every 12 months or so once the nerves grow back.

After completing this procedure (consisting of two separate surgeries), I no longer feel arthritic pain or stiffness emanating from my lower-back facet joints. It’s also noteworthy that I never required any pain medication following my surgeries–not even a Tylenol.

If you suffer from arthritic pain in the lumbar facet joints, I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Louis Saeger. It could be life-changing!

Jon S.

Mark is so understanding and through. He makes sure that your treatment is the best for you. I looked forward to my visits with him. He always put a smile on my face and he truly cared about me and my treatment for sure it was fron his heart he cared about his patients. I miss seeing him he always gave me a positive outlook on everthing!!!!

Michelle Doran

Dr.Saeger is amazing and so is his team! I won’t let anyone else do my injections and I drive 3 hours north to see him.

brooke bakke

Dr. Saeger is the Best in the Spine Business. He has done a great job for my family and I.


Dr Saeger is truly amazing, I have crps type 1 he is helping me with all my issues with the crps. I would highly recommend him.

Brittany Beneke

Personal amable y atento. Los médicos son comprensivos y comprensivos.
Lisa Betancourt


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